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3 Most Important Stages of Construction – Planning, Building and the Finishing

3 Most Important Stages of Construction – Planning, Building and the Finishing

Whenever you are on the mission to make your dream house comes into reality, then according to the builders of London, “You have to quintessentially pay attention the below mentioned three factors:

  • Planning

  • Building

  • Finishing


So from the word planning itself, we have got it clear that it includes the pre-strategy designing for the construction work that is on the cards. When it is about the planning, then the determination for all the important factors like the budget, team members, layout, documentation and the receipts of the 7 bills of the property tax and the bills is done.

Apart from this, the decision is taken regarding which members will be included in your team like the contractors and the sub-contractors.

The planning stage is quintessentially important for the proper implementation of what you have thought. If you neglect planning for any of the aspects by considering them of low importance, then there are high chances that you will run into any mistake or flaw in the implementation stage.


In the building stage, your dream house has started taking shape. In this stage, the builder has started procuring important materials like cement, bricks and steel.

Here is a short description of how should you purchase the building material:

  • Cement

Cement has to be marked with ISI mark and must be manufactured by the reputed brand. Make sure that you are checking the date of expiry and manufacturing before you are putting it into use.

  • Brick

As far as the good brick is concerned, then it ought to be rectangular. The predominant feature of first-class brick is that it has a uniform size and colour.

With the following, you can come to know whether the brick is ideal to be used in the construction or not:

These must produce a metallic sound when they are rubbed together.

  • Steel

When you are buying steel, then you must check the following credentials :

  • Weight

  • Diameter of the bar

  • ISI Mark

  • Aggregates

When asked by the engineers, they were of the view that the aggregates should be of uniform size ( both coarse and fine aggregates).

Once the material is checked, then the construction will begin, which will initially focus on laying out foundation and formwork and afterwards preparation of the mixes, anti-termite treatment, wall plastering, curing, plumbing and wiring will take place.

This stage is very important for the construction and thus the client should show his active participation in this, otherwise, he may not come out with what he wants.


The last stage of the construction is always finishing. When all of the construction work is completed, then the contractors tend to focus on making the home beautiful by incorporating both the interior and the exterior design.

Bottom Line

There are so many other things, which the builders need to take into account when constructing a commercial or domestic property.


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