Your Project Requirements

Reasons to hire a professional builder in Greenwich

Builders in Greenwich, Do you dream of creating a home in the home of time, Greenwich, where the eastern and western hemispheres meet? In the midst of breathtaking views, royal heritage and amazing attractions you could have your happy home. The hands that you choose to build the home of your dreams must be highly skilled. To choose a builder for your home isn’t an easy process, it requires research and understanding of the business.

Vetted Traders are dedicated to helping you! We recruit experienced, reputed builders who build from scratch or even reconstruct your old house.

The decision to build a home is a big deal and we understand that it could seem overwhelming for many. To cut down all the confusion, here’s a list of things you must consider before choosing a builder for your dream home:

The world is your playground!

You have a vast range of selection to make, including place and location. While selecting your ideal location, you must consider factors such as vicinity, crime rate, transport facilities, environment, greenery, availability of hospitals and healthcare facilities, etc. Questions to ask yourself before settling for the location are:
What does the neighbourhood look like?
Do they have good transport facilities?
Is there enough greenery around to feel fresh and healthy?
In case of an emergency, how far do you need to go to seek healthcare?
Is the place safe to reside in?
Once you’ve got satisfactory answers to these questions, you may go ahead and fix a location.

The good news about Vetted Traders is that you’re not bound to buy the plot from us. We’re happy to build your home on your previously owned land, wherever that may be!

Fix the style and budget

Now, why do you have to fix these two together? You may have a set style or design in mind, however, your budget might not be able to hold such styles. In that case, you’ll need to adjust and compromise on your style. Keep comfort and need as your priority and the rest will fall in place. But if you can afford it, go all in! It’s your dream home. You may grab every opportunity to bring your dreams to life. Ask your builder, and explore opportunities to make the best use of your budget. After all, it’s a good builder’s job to find ways to make the most out of the project he has been assigned.

It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and get an approval letter drafted from your lender and explore the type of loan available for you.

Another choice you will have is to decide on whether you prefer to build a custom or semi-custom home. A custom home is one that is designed specifically according to your wants, needs and desires, from the ground up! A semi-custom home is one that has already been designed, but you do have options to choose from a range of model types, down to the lighting.

Ask questions.

While deciding and discussing the construction of your dream living, no question is too big or small. Every question matters and what matters most is selecting the right builder on the basis of the answers to these questions:
Are you licensed?
Do you have insurance?
What is your warranty and service policy?
Are your skill and experience capable of building a home aligned with our choice of style?
Are you working on multiple projects currently? How many and which ones?
Do you have enough time to take up a new project?
What is your typical turnaround time?
Have you received feedback from old clients? Ask for details of their previous assignment.

Additionally, see how willing they are to let you in on their projects. Ask them if they have recently finished homes you could tour or if one is being built that you could peek into. Personally, we love it when potential clients are prepared with questions!

Scan through testimonials and feedbacks

Have a chat session with previous clients. Ask them what’s the best time to come and see their homes. You will learn quickly that being thorough is important in the home building process. Find out if there are any homeowners living in your potential home builder’s homes and see if they would be willing to chat with you. Fix a date and time and go all-in with your questions.
Note down your questions beforehand and keep asking!
The internet is your FRIEND! We live in a reputation driven society, thanks to the world-wide-web. Humans LOVE to offer their opinions on the internet so do your research.

Evaluate quality over quantity

Quality is the primary key to consider while going through your builder’s experiences. The number of years doesn’t matter unless he has been thriving and consistent in his delivery for all those years. Considering quality is a really great way to evaluate a potential home builder. You want a builder who is savvy in working with your budget, but you don’t want a penny pincher who will skimp out on safety. A good builder will have already established relationships with local contractors that will save you time and money during this process. A house built under quality-compromise is really not a good investment.

Communicate and coordinate

You really don’t want a builder who is just working to draw a cheque from you. Build a relationship with your builder and explain to him all that you require. Try to see if your communication styles match. Work done in coordination with each other will result in building well-finished and satisfactory homes. Speak to them and find out if they really are taking the time to listen to you? More importantly. Did they give you honest feedback? For example, if you asked them to build you a mansion on a shed-sized budget, would they respond with sincerity, even though they would have to tell you they couldn’t deliver what you wanted? Communicating clear expectations upfront is absolutely the key to the success of the finished product…your beautiful future home in Greenwich! That said, choose your builder wisely.