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Carpentry Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Woodworking can be pretty fascinating, but it can be pretty intimidating at times, especially for beginners. Well, you need not worry anymore because we’ve got you covered with some fantastic tips that could be a total game-changer for you.

The pencil fix:
Have you struggled; trying to trace an exact copy of your throat plate for your table saw? Well, let’s face it, we all have gone through this challenge at some point in time. But here’s how you can get this done. All you would need is an ordinary pencil! Now go ahead with shaving the pencil in half by carefully grinding using a belt sander. The flat edge enables your newly modified pencil to ride straight up along the edge of the template. This modification even works great for marking and shaping inlays for your woodworking projects.

Quick and Easy Blade-Height Gauge
If you are looking for the quickest way to set a height for your table saw blade, then all you need is a gauge block. It is advisable to go for the generally made from a 3-in. length of 4×4. If you require more settings, you could always consider creating another block.

Sandpaper Cutter
Cutting sandpaper is a quick way to dull your scissors or utility knife blade. You could always consider fastening a hacksaw blade to the edge of your workbench. Make sure to slip a washer behind the blade at each of the mounting holes enabling the sheet of sandpaper to slide in behind the edge quickly. Once you’re done, fold the paper where you want to cut for the sake of reference.

Super solid Bar Clamp Cover:
Iron pipe clamps can easily mar softer woods or react with glue, causing the wood to stain. To avoid this, you can cut a section of plastic PVC pipe to size and place it around the pipe. You should space short lengths strategically to fit various widths of stock wood if you have many.

Easy Bi-Fold Workbench
When not in use, old doors stacked on sawhorses make excellent temporary workbenches; however, they end up taking up a lot of space. To avoid this, you could use bi-fold entries with hinges instead of full-size doors so that you can even fold them up once you have completed your project. They’re also easier to transport in a pickup truck for on-the-go work.

Flexible Office Sanding Block
We all can agree that it is pretty tricky to sand curves. A sanding pad that is both firm and flexible is often needed in this case. You could even get a tiny notepad to do the job. Simply wrap the sandpaper around the pad and bend it to the desired arc. Keep in mind that you would need to keep the sandpaper in place on the cover. For this, slide one end of it between the pages. You could always try this when you’re working on a project with curves and hard-to-reach areas.

DIY Quick Mixing Surface
Instead of using a tub to blend a small amount of epoxy, you can even use painters tape to create a mixing surface on your very own workbench. Simply lay the strips flat, overlapping the edges to keep the epoxy off your bench. Don’t forget to remove the tape and discard it once you’re done. Of course, one can use the mixing surface for more than epoxy; you can also use wood glue or any other material that requires fast access.

Align Angles with just a Tape
Clamping mitred edges can be frustrating because they never seem to line up correctly. Using painter’s tape as clamps is the simplest way to get around this process. First, tape the bits together edge-to-edge with the outer edges facing up. After that, turn the bits over and glue them together with the bevelled edges facing up. Finally, tape the last two edges together to complete the operation and let it sit until completed. The tape removes easily, and the glue won’t attach to the tape, making sanding and finishing very simple for anyone.

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