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Environmental Changes that affect wood.

Articles made out of wood play an essential role in our daily life. Almost every part of the house has wood in it, and every room has some kind of wooden decor or furniture in it. Interior or exterior, besides stones and bricks, wood also becomes a primary part of any construction. Though attractive and considered durable, wood also is degradable and prone to damage. Many external factors like Fungi, Woodworms, heat, water or humidity, UV Rays, and fire affect the wood in different ways, making it lose the beauty of its appearance. Climatic changes also impact the wood; hence wood choice and timber maintenance are essential.

Hillingdon, as we all know, experiences quite an amount of rainfall throughout the year. This kind of climate can harm the mechanical and physical properties of wood. Many species of wood don’t get along well when exposed to too much rain. Some types of wood require finishing of polish or other natural oils to protect them from rain or humidity. We need carefully to handle wood or wooden articles to prevent them from climatic or seasonal variations since they can easily crack or rot. Often the expansion and contraction of wood are influenced by temperature variation. The dimensional changes of shrinking and swelling depending on the amount of moisture present in the wood. Degrading factors can affect living trees, logs or wooden products. Hence external climatic events can damage and destroy wood.

When the surface of the wood is exposed to the sun, there appears a rapid photochemical degradation of wood. As a result, there is a change in the colour of the wooden article. This decolourisation by the UV rays occurs only on the surface. Therefore, while creating or maintaining wooden objects, an expert or specialised person will first understand the nature of wood. Environment or climatic changes are conditions that contribute to the deterioration of a rigid object or helps preserve the thing. As far as wood is concerned, there is nothing perfect. It only depends on the owners of the wooden articles and the measures to safeguard these artefacts.
What are the factors in the environment that affect wood?

UV Rays: The easiest environmental issue to be understood and resolved for our furniture is light. UV rays destroy a component called lignin present in the wood. Lignin is the element that hardens and attaches to the cell walls of a tree. Scientifically you may also call it photo-oxidation. Very often, the colourant contained in the colour coats of wood cause the absorption of UV light. Generally, this kind of UV ray damage is cumulative and permanent. So people are often seen protecting the furniture or any wooden article from direct sunlight by using curtains, window shade or screens. Most probably, this is the easiest solution and an effective method to keep your wood safe.
Humidity: When a piece of wood is attached to a tree, the cells contain a lot of water. When the wood is cut from the tree, the wood dries, and its strength properties increase. But when exposed to moisture due to humidity, the cells start absorbing water again and are likely to expand, causing much damage. Well experienced artisans consider the moisture content of the wood while dimensioning the wooden structures. With the rise and fall of relative humidity in the environment, the wood will shrink or swell accordingly. This fluctuation in moisture may result in parts of the furniture get distorted. The only way to prevent the wood from damage due to humidity is to use moisture absorbents and keep moisture away.

Mould and Mildew: Infestation of these occurs in the presence of an external moisture source. Very often, high temperatures also result in the rapid growth of these organisms. The relative humidity is another element that contributes to mould and mildew and makes them dormant. It may also result in the wrapping and splitting of wooden furniture. The spores created by mould and mildew can have adverse effects on human health as well. Hence it is essential to control mould and mildew by keeping relative humidity under control.

Environmental Temperature: Every artisan or woodworker carefully considers the type of wood before using it in every structure. Exterior temperatures play a vital role in wood damage and can reduce durability. So it is essential to know how different types of wood react to a specific temperature to ensure the longevity of wood. The increase and decrease of temperatures may cause mechanical resistance in timber. If dried due to heat, wood may crack, and if moisture increases, the wood may decay and rot.

Since Hillingdon experiences environmental changes very often, house owners require constant tips on protecting the wooden structures and articles, internal or external. Vetted Trades brings you exceptional and experienced woodworkers that provide you with a hassle-free service at your doorstep. Very often, careless treatment and inappropriate handling of furniture lead to an untimely setback that can be irreversible. Hence it is necessary to care for every wooden article and prevent it from exterior damage. Vetted Trades gives you local support once you identify the kind of treatment your wooden furniture or articles need. Furniture and wood preservation need expert advice and timely maintenance through specialised activities.

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