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Carpenters in Merton and Carpenters and Joiners Jobs Merton, South West London, Are you planning to set up a new home in Merton? Vetted Trades ensures all your carpentry requirements are met. We are a one-stop-destination for setting your rooms with aesthetic and essential furniture. If you need advice or an efficient carpenter, we at Vetted Trades provide you with various services and help you connect with the famous carpenters in Merton.
Setting up your new house can be tricky in terms of choosing the right furniture. Remember, while your furniture should look aesthetic and match the layout of your home, it should also be helpful. Here are some of the essential pieces of furniture that you should plan to have in your living room.

Six essential furniture for your living room

The living room is where you spend most of your time of the day. Be it sharing a cup of coffee with your family or gazing at the television after a hectic day at work; the living room is the place for leisure and entertainment. Thus, you should take adequate care and efforts to set up your living room as per your preference and convenience.
The sofa
The key to having a comfortable living room is to have a comfortable sofa! After all, the couch is where you can relax, sipping your favourite drink while you watch your favourite show. However, there are specific facts you should keep in mind while choosing a couch for your room.
While you want your couch to be vast and comfortable, you do not want your room to be cramped, do you? Thus, you should choose a sofa according to the size of your room.
Additionally, you should also ensure that the sofa matches the colour and layout of your room. Try this hack. It is always better to choose a sofa that contrasts with the wall paint of your living room. Such a colour combination adds to the aesthetics of your room.
Coffee table
Are you a coffeeholic? In that case, a coffee table is a must for your living room. Imagine how perfect the room would look if you have an intricately designed mahogany coffee table? Undoubtedly it would add to the satisfaction of sipping your first cup of early morning coffee.
A coffee table is not just used for resting drinks but has other utilities too. For instance, you can use this table for storing your magazines or newspapers. Thus, you need not fetch for the morning headlines anymore! It would be right there with your coffee at the table. How wonderful is that?
While you choose your coffee table, make sure it’s neither oversized nor too small. It is better if you buy a coffee table based on the number of family members you have.
Wooden chairs
Wooden chairs add a touch of heritage to your room. Though you might have chairs with your coffee table, you might need more for using them separately. Suppose you want to sit on the balcony and witness the sunset. You would need comfortable chairs to enjoy yourself.
Wooden chairs and tables also take you back to one of those Hollywood setups where love unfolds amidst an elaborate spread of intricate woodwork.
If you are a bookworm and like flipping over the pages of new books to ease your mind, a bookshelf is a must in your living room. A bookshelf is a piece of furniture that adds to the beauty and aesthetics of your room. You can order or customise a bookshelf depending on the number of shelves you need. Additionally, the colour of your bookshelf should match the colour of other pieces of furniture so that your living room does not look scattered.
A sideboard helps you to store several items in your living room. Thus, while you can use them whenever you want, you can put them on the sideboard to make your room look organised. While you can use the top of this furniture for resting several items or even set a lampshade to enhance the room’s beauty, you can also use it as a cupboard.
If you have a hectic day and have guests to attend at night, cleaning the room might be a nightmare. Having a sideboard would help you push all the unwanted items into it and away from the sight of your guests. Thus, sideboards not only add to the beauty of your room but is also convenient.
Kid’s play station
If you have ample living space and your kids love to play, a kid’s PlayStation is a must. A separate area for the kids helps you make most of your living space and keep your kids engaged in their thrills. You can build a wooden dollhouse for your kid to help your kids be entertained while you are at work.
A dollhouse or a wooden play station also adds to the beauty of your room. This unique idea would help you to add a touch of taste and innovation in your planning to set up the living room.
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