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Carpenters in Richmond upon Thames and Carpenters and Joiners Jobs Richmond upon Thames, Woodworking is an art loved by all but created by only experts. Carpentry cuts a wood piece into a magnificent art form. From furniture, flooring, frameworks and more can be made of wood using the skill of carpentry. It has excellent scope due to the increasing demand for artefacts made from wood. Many homeowners are investing their time and money in wooden flooring, frameworks, furniture and more. It not only looks beautiful, but it is convenient and light on the budget as well. B

We need a carpenter to build, reconstruct, decorate and renovate our living spaces. Richmond Upon Thames is one such location that has the most prominent carpenters ready to provide quality service to the residents. Make sure of plenty of designs to use for your space, whether commercial or residential. All you need is to hire a suitable carpenter with creative ideas to deliver the work that you have in your mind.

Understanding the importance of woodwork in the UK
Carpentry is considered the most versatile profession in the industry. A lot of people are now learning the skill of carpentry. Men and women have taken up the jobs as a carpenter in and around the UK. Although it requires strength, and readers might think, women can’t do carpentry jobs. Let us remind you that, with the help of heavy power tools, this job is now made easy and ergonomic. The cause of concern is not who does the job or how it is done; it is the health hazards one must face in this job. All jobs have their own risk and disadvantages, but today we speak of the various health-related issues/problems faced by the carpenters.

Various Health Hazards faced by a carpenter
The fear of health risks follows a person like a shadow. Every job comes with advantages and disadvantages. If we let disadvantages overpower the advantages, then we will be without jobs and opportunities that come our way. One must understand the risks and take necessary precautions to handle the job to overcome health risk fears carefully. Risks taken can be fruitful at the same time, dangerous. So what are these health-related risks we are speaking about with regards to the job of a carpenter?

Machinery risks
Carpenters work with heavy machinery and must take extra precautions while handling them. Slight negligence can lead to amputation of hands, legs, damage the eyes or cause hearing impairment. Carpenters on the job must take care while handling rotating machinery. Any careless behaviour or move can cost them their life. Many times, while cutting big blocks of wood, carpenters must be careful of the flying chips. Its sharp edges can cut through the body, leaving dangerous wounds.

Chemical risks
Carpenters are also required to work with chemicals for polishing the wood and providing a shine to the final product. If they are not used wearing safety units, then these chemicals can damage the eyes permanently. Paints include solvents, chemicals, dyes and more. Direct exposure to these solvents and chemicals while painting can cause allergies, dermatitis and respiratory diseases. Before handling these paints, the carpenter on the job must be fully aware of using the colours and reading the instructions and safety manual.

Wood dust risks
One must wear respiratory masks while dealing with wood dust. Tiny particles can get into the lungs and irritate the respiratory system. Continuous exposure to this dust can damage the lungs causing lung infections and other ailments. Wood dust must be dealt with carefully. Constant inhalation of this dust can lead to cancer risk. Wood dust is combustible and can catch fire when exposed to a spark; hence it is essential to dispose of the wood dust safely.

Preventive measures that a carpenter must take on the job
Time is an essential aspect of any job. Things that are done in a hurry can lead to haste decisions. Similarly, when working with heavy machinery, a carpenter must have patience and a calm mind to carry out the work. Listed below are some of the factors that must be taken care of while handling woodwork.

  • It is essential to supervise the work and ensure that no one is hurt during cutting, filling, and using power tools. Before starting the work, the carpenter must ensure site inspection to avoid any accidents.
  • There is no harm in choosing lightweight tools, even if it is heavy on the pocket. Using lightweight tools will enable smooth working avoiding accidental damages to the workers.
  • Before using the power tools, ensure the main connection to the power supply is switched off. Similarly, after using the device, don’t forget to switch off the main supply.
  • Use on-site safety equipment to protect yourself and others working around you. Wear face masks, headgears, hard protective gloves, rubber boots, harness while cutting big trees, and other such safety equipment.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Avoid wearing loose clothing that can get entangled into the heavy machinery, causing danger to your life.
  • Always read instructions before operating any new appliance or tool. The tradesmen must read the user manual thoroughly, even if it takes hours to complete. Product knowledge is what will keep you safe from any accidents at the site.
  • Ensure you are well hydrated with a sufficient amount of water. Carpentry sometimes requires heavy work. Drink plenty of water between shifts. Keep calm and complete the job keeping your health in mind.
  • Lastly, enjoy the job you have taken an interest in. Any job that’s done with love and interest turns out to be a success.

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