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Electrician – Wandsworth

Electrician in Wandsworth, What’s your most favourite gadget or appliance at home? Television? Oven? PlayStation? Air Conditioner?
I’m sure you value these appliances and use them with the utmost care. But have you thought of investing in the safety of the house yet?
These appliances are great but one of the most vital parts of investing in these appliances is that you ought to invest in a good electrician who can guarantee quality work and overall safety of the house.

Why is it so important to look for a good electrician for your house?

You don’t want your house in Wandsworth to blow up, do you? We understand that you’ve purchased appliances and gadgets for your convenience with hard-earned money and no one wants to see it go in vain. The wiring behind your walls, although invisible to your eyes on a daily basis is actually a complex lifeline and such work should be done by a professional who is a registered electrician. Electricians perform a wide variety of tasks- from the installation of wiring in new buildings to replacement of outdated systems

Vetted Traders work to connect you to such fully qualified, registered and highly-skilled electricians.

Electrical work is amongst the most dangerous jobs to undertake in the house and hiring someone who isn’t up to the mark for this job, could result in a disaster.

Here are a few questions you must always ask an electrician and find out if they are well-qualified for the job:

1. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
In case something goes wrong, the answers to these questions will have you covered.

2. Who’s going to be doing the work?
Will it be the owner, or a licensed journeyman electrician working for him? If any apprentices are on the job, who will be overseeing them? Additionally, if the electrician uses subcontractors, they may not be covered by the contractor’s licensing and insurance, so make sure everyone is protected.
3. What kind of warranty do you offer on your work?
Ask whether the warranty covers parts, labour or both, and how long it’s effective.
4. How much experience do you have?
The longer they’ve been on the job, and the more continuing education they’ve received, the more likely they are to know the ins and outs of different systems.
5. Could I see your paperwork?
Most people shy away from asking for proofs and documents. But if you’re employing a tradesman without proper documents or paperwork, you’re signing up for a dangerous deal.

Why is it important to choose a registered electrician?

A precise and well-maintained installation can significantly reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries. Therefore, an electrician must be qualified, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in order to avoid any calamities. A registered electrician’s work is regularly monitored and assessed. They’re insured, thus you are protected.

Before recommending an electrician, Vetted Traders recruits them by analysing and considering a few qualities. It is important to look for certain qualities above and beyond the technical skills and training required. Here are a few qualities you must look for when hiring an electrician in Wandsworth.

1. Dependability
In any profession, it is important to see if the professional is dependable or not. Dependability is one of the most important characteristics an electrician must-have. It is of vital importance to look for an electrician who will show up on time and contribute efficiently. Look for candidates who have demonstrated dependability in past roles and are motivated to be a part of your team.

2. Independent Problem Solving
Electricians are often challenged with both basic and complex problems. They’ll need to solve these problems efficiently and independently. Especially on projects where only one electrician is required, the ability to be resourceful and make the right decision is important. On the job, electricians will need to understand overall electrical problems and investigate ways to fix them. Being able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions is a vital problem-solving skill necessary for any tradesperson.

3. Attention to details
Staying safe on the job is important. It requires a cautious and detail-oriented approach to be fit for this job. Electricians will need a strong understanding of regulations and safety procedures and be mindful to work in a way that keeps them and others safe.

4. Business skills
Business skills are also developed over years of working for a company or as an independent contractor. General knowledge of business practices including invoicing, inventory tracking, and strategic planning are indicators of an experienced electrician.

5. Time Management
The ability to finish a job on time is a difficult skill to master, but it’s essential for an electrician working as a larger part of a team. As an employer, you will need accurate labour and cost estimates. An electrician’s ability to predict the time needed and stick to that timeline is a must-have skill.

Visit the Vetted Trades website and post your electrical job requirements and we will put you in touch with the best deals from the most well-vetted electricians in Wandsworth. You will also be given a chance to provide feedback on the quality of the job done.