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Everything you need to know about the cost of hiring the professional bricklayer

Everything you need to know about the cost of hiring the professional bricklayer


Professional bricklayers will charge for basic brickwork an average rate of £57/hr. It is beneficial to hire a trusted bricklayer who can give you a proper understanding of the cost, depending on what type of bricklayer jobs in London needs to be performed. Also, the bricklayer will calculate the cost depending on different factors. The costly price of the bricklaying can go to £60/hr and it can be as low as £50/hr.


What is the typical quoted price for bricklaying?

  • 2-storey home bricklaying:
  • Brick installation for home renovation
  • Home extension bricklaying
  • Brick veneers requirement for duplex
  • Brick pillars requirement for porch area
  • Bricklaying for the townhouse exterior


What are the safety risks which affect the cost?

To help you know about the probable cost of hiring the bricklayer you need to understand the given factors Which an essential part of doing the bricklaying job:

  • Sometimes, the bricklayers need to perform the work in difficult areas that need special tools and equipment. With this, the cost of the entire job will increase. So, it is best that in the first place you hire an expert who gives you a detailed quote.
  • If the structure is located in high-risk areas or busy streets then the rates may increase. While they are doing the job, they need to be sure so the extra measures they are going to take will increase the cost.
  • If the work needs to be carried out on the roof then it is a compared risker. In that case, it is expected that the cost is going to increase.


Factors to consider the cost of Bricklaying jobs

Different factors need to be considered when the bricklaying cost is calculated which includes:

  • Type of brick material

One of the main determinants of bricklaying costs is the use of brick. If the bricks used are in excess then it is going to take more time to do the work. If the clay bricks are used then there is no need for painting.

  • Bricklayer expertise

The bricklayer you have hired needs to be experienced and they should know the correct way of doing the work. You should not go with the cheap quotes as it is not going to guarantee you the results you need. Ensure that the bricklayer you are hiring is knowledgeable in building the right foundation. It is an important part of bricklaying work, so you should do it wisely.

  • Type of bricklaying

The preferred type of bricklaying you will do will affect the cost. House Owners go with brick veneers, and it is preferred for the external kin that has timber-framed homes.



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