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How is it beneficial to choose the design-bid Build Delivery method?

How is it beneficial to choose the design-bid Build Delivery method?

Are you planning to begin with the construction project? In that case, you need to opt for the best project delivery method so that everything goes the way you planned it to be. The choice of delivery method depends on the owner and the project design is constructed, managed, and maintained. Different delivery methods can be used to make the construction project a success and each of them have their benefits and limitations. When you have hired the best builders in London, they make sure that at every step of the project you do not face any issue.


Design-bid Build

The design-bid-build is the conventional low bidder method and one of the most popular options. Well, this method is grouped into stages, and we have mentioned them below for your understanding.


Step 1: Design phase

The engineer and architect will produce a bid set that includes the following and many other things:

  • Site plan
  • Mechanical plan
  • Structural plan
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Electrical plan
  • Architectural plan

While submitting the permit application the same drawing package will be given. The owner is going to understand in depth what is needed during the consultation. From there onwards, there will be proper coordination between the design methods. This way the design-bid-build method will be carried out with ease.


Step 2: Bidding phase

Once the drawing has reached the point where the owner can have a realistic look, the project will move further to the bidding phase. Whether the contractor is qualified or not, they need to submit the bids which depend on what type of drawing they get. Each of the quotations which they get will be checked, and if no problem is there, then the lowest bidder is given the contract. The lump-sum amount is mentioned in the contract.


Step 3: Construction phase

The lowest bidder gets hands on the project. The bidder needs to work dependent on the quotes. The contractor is going to avoid the overruns which occur in the construction phase. No doubt, the contractor will consider the price and the design team will ensure that all the changes are in regards to the price. Some of the services which need to be considered by the contract administration department are:

  • Construction submittal review
  • Certification for payment
  • RFI management
  • Change order review and substitution request


How is it beneficial to get a design-bid-build method?

This method is best for homeowners. Apart from that, there is less collaboration with the design team which helps to keep track of every small change happening in the construction project.

Owners will be engaged in the design phase and this way the responsibilities with each phase are defined properly. The design professionals will make sure that during the construction phase each of the designs is handled correctly.



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