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How to choose a renowned and trustworthy damp proofing company in London?

How to choose a renowned and trustworthy damp proofing company in London?

Are you looking for a company damp proofing London,  then you need to make the final choice carefully. Ignoring the problem is not going to work for you in any manner.

In simple terms, if the problem is left untreated it can cause serious damage to the entire property. So, look for a team of professionals on time by keeping in mind the following tips.

  • Get upper-hand because of their experience

You need to choose a company who is doing this business for a long time. The damp course is not completed with a single training course and experience is needed to get the work done on time. With their assistance, the damp issue can be solved on time.

Also, choose the company where you are able to get all the damp proofing solutions under one roof. Ask them how they do the work and are they able to identify the damp related issue you have in your property.

  • Check for awards

Check the accreditations of the company which is a great way to see how well they are with their work and do they follow the industry standards. A company who is delivering quality work for many years will make you get the best results. The property care associations (PCA) have the most renowned and important trade associations which give the clients the best results.

  • Qualification matters a lot

Before you hire someone you need to check how qualified they are. For any damp proofing company it is important to have the following qualification:

  • CSRT Qualification – Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment
  • CSSW Qualification – Certificated Surveyor in Structural waterproofing
  • CRDS Qualification – Certificate in Remedial Damp Surveying

The qualifications help to show how able they are to the work and how safely they can carry out the damp proofing practices.

  • Guaranteed work

Check how much guarantee they provide for the services they give. The guarantee duration is a great way to tell how well they are with giving effective services. You need to watch out for the companies that have just started providing services to the clients. Keep in mind, not all the contractors can provide you with guaranteed work.

  • Check the company reviews

Check the customer reviews on the website or on the search engine. Customers can leave the information on the website about their experience and do they get all the services they were looking for. Check the number of reviews and if you see a few comments then never go with that company.


What happens during the damp survey?

  • Checking the internal issues

First of all, you need to check the exterior of the building to look for defects that can lead to damp penetration. Many damp issues are caused because of improper window pointing, porous masonry, or problematic roof covering. Getting your property checked on time will help you get the solution right away.

  • Inspecting the damp issue

One of our damp surveyors will reach your site and check the surroundings to check the damp spreading and whether it has reached other rooms. Our highly trained and professional surveyors will check the problem.

  • Creating the report

Once the survey is complete, a proper report is made to see what is needed and how the desired results can be obtained.




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