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How To Find The Right Handyman For The Job

How To Find The Right Handyman For The Job

There are so many things that can go wrong in a household it is unbelievable. People who live in rented accommodation have nothing to worry about as their landlord would get the problem resolved by bringing in a tradesman that he or she regularly uses to carry out the work at the property. This would also be the case for people who live in a property that is maintained by a letting agents. Most letting agents have numbers for lots of tradespeople in different types of trades. They call it a PSL list (Preferred Suppliers List).

Homeowners do not have the same luxury. Letting agents have hundreds of houses to maintain and homeowners only have their own house to look after. Sod’s law will never let you find the right man for the job when the time arises so it is good practice to have a few numbers ready of local handymen that your friends and family have used. Try to always give them a call first and if they are not available then ask them first if they can recommend anyone to you if not then there are a number of ways to find different tradespeople.

There are a number of tradespeople that you need to know if your property requires work on a regular basis and this is the same for all properties.If maintenance is not kept up then any property can dilapidate very quickly. It is a good idea to keep a list of handymen and where to find more, saved on a laptop. Most people just save the numbers on their phone. Below is a list of ways of how to finding the right person for the job. Options on finding Tradesmen:

  1. Family, friends and neighbours.
  2. Local paper.
  3. Social media platforms.
  4. Platforms like Vetted Trades where all tradesmen have been checked for their references and insurance liability.

Most landlords try to have contact details of a few handymen as some tradesmen prefer to work on certain trades. Majority of handymen will have the tools for most DIY jobs but they might prefer not to do all jobs that they are being asked to perform, they might not have enough experience in the task they are being asked to work on. It is always best to explain what work you need to have carried out before you ask someone to come over. You might just get a bill for a call out charge and not even be able to get the work carried out.

On the first occasion of you interacting with a new tradesman there are a few things that you should always ask for:

  1. Check how long the handyman has been in business for.
  2. References for work carried out in the local area.
  3. Liability insurance.
  4. Ask if they are members of any approved federations.
  5. If they have a website to see some of their work.

After the work has been done ask the handyman for an invoice so that you can pay him. It is always good to have an invoice for the work that has been carried out. Ask if there is a guarantee for the work that has been carried out and for how long?


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