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How To Get Right Manufacturer For New & Replacement of Double Glazing Windows?

How To Get Right Manufacturer For New & Replacement of Double Glazing Windows?

Are you looking to put in double glazing or upgrade your current double glazing? Any new orders would make the doors and windows bespoke to your requirement. Double glazing will give you a guarantee of warmth, security and comfort. You can have your doors and windows designed, manufactured and then installed. Your windows and doors will be made to measure and you have a wide range of options that you can go with. If you find the right manufacturer, you can have them built to last and with a lifetime guarantee.

Glazed Windows are available in 3 styles:


This is the most popular window choice of homeowners looking to make the change. You can find double glazed windows available in UPVC, Wood or Aluminium, all with a range of colours and options.


Are the classic window for a traditional house?Sash windows are available in beautifully crafted timber or low maintenance uPVC.


They are the perfect solution where there are restrictions on installing double glazed windows. Secondary glazing is made from low-maintenance aluminium.


There are a number of benefits of using UPVC for your windows & doors

  • Low maintenance – Cleaning frames occasionally, lubricating hinges and handles is usually all that is necessary.
  • No painting – UPVC never needs repainting or re-staining.
  • Not just white – There are a number of colours and effects that are available for frames even a wood-effect.
  • Colourfast – Whatever the colour, it won’t deteriorate over time.
  • Deterioration proof – Frames don’t rot, rust, corrode, warp or split and have been proven to last up to 35 years.
  • Tough and durable – UPVC frames have special additives which make them tough enough to suit UK standards and BBA requirements.
  • Resists combustion – Frames will burn only when subjected to an intense heat. UPVC is classified as self-extinguishing.
  • Insulation – UPVC has inherently high acoustic and thermal properties.
  • Cost competitive – UPVC windows are generally the most cost-effective option.
  • Design capabilities – Most styles of double glazing window are available in UPVC:- tilt and turn, vertical sliding sash, pivot, fully reversible and traditional casement windows.
  • Environment – UPVC windows are easily recyclable.
  • More ‘A’ rated energy – UPVC double glazed windows achieve more ‘A’ ratings for energy efficiency than any other framing material.
  • Obscure/Pattern Glass Options – Choose from our range of Pattern Glass


FIXTURES – Window handles and fixtures are available in a choice of colours, for you to create the perfect look at your property.

LOCKING – Windows are fitted with multi-point locking as standard and you have the optional of upgrading to Grab Lock, developed by Yale.

GLAZING – Customise your windows with a choice of glass and glazing, including obscure, decorative, acoustic, double glazing or triple glazing.

COLOUR – There are over 20 stunning colours including woodgrain finishes on UPVC which look like real timber. Below are some of the most common chosen:


Front & Back Doors Styles for UPVC or Aluminium.

You can find a number of styles for your doors. The size of your door opening will determine what you can have or you can make the opening according to the style of door you require. Below are a few options:

  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Porches
  • Composite Doors

When buying bi-fold doors you get charged per panel that you buy, therefore most people try to buy a bigger panel so that they can save some money. This is a problem which the glazer does not explain. The bigger the panel the heavier the panel, which causes the door or panels to bow forwards when opened. Each panel should not be more than 800mm wide with a standard height of 2.1m. If the height is more than the width of the panel should be smaller. This initial cost will give you less problems over time which will save you money in the long run.


Benefits of using Aluminium for your windows & doors.

All aluminium casement window are individually made with your choice of colour, configuration and glass. Below are some of the advantages of them:

  1. Low maintenance, sleek and modern
  2. Powder-coated for extra durability
  3. Choose from more than 200 colours
  4. Energy efficient, can help reduce your heating bills
  5. Secured with shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass

Stylish double glazed aluminium windows are powder coated for durability and most come with a 10 year guarantee, sealed units are guaranteed for 15 years. They exceed building regulations and come with a B energy-efficiency rating as standard. Building control will not question the U-Value if they see them installed. Furthermorealuminium doors and windows are incredibly effective at noise reduction as well as being secure and energy efficient. Each aluminium window has three weather seals to prevent draughts and leaks and keep the windows water and air tight.

Are aluminium windows better than UPVC?

Aluminium is a stronger material than UPVC. It’s often used in commercial doors and windows because it is regarded as a far more durable material and can stand the test of time in high usage situations. Aluminium windows powder-coating is also extremely durable and designed to withstand most extreme conditions. It survives most tests in severe exposure categories.

Aluminium is a lightweight, high-strength material that is used in virtually every facet of the modern construction industry; from patio doors in houses to curtain walling on the tallest skyscrapers. Aluminium windows and doors are the material of choice for architects and specifiers on commercial applications and increasingly popular with home-owners.

The cost of the same UPVC size door or window would be almost double the cost if you went with aluminium. In general aluminium doors and windows will last twice as long as UPVC would. There is a life expectancy from 6 to 12 years for UPVC double glazing and aluminium double glazing would last longer.



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