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How to look for a builder who can complete the project as per your needs?

How to look for a builder who can complete the project as per your needs?

Once you understand how to look for the best builder in London, it makes it easier for the project to become successful. This is because the builder job is to guide you on every step of the project and if any modification is needed, they should do the same.

What is the role of a builder?

Building contractors are business owners and project managers, which can be one-man operators for small to medium enterprises. They have an understanding regarding the construction and ensures the build is done as per the scheduled times. From the availability of labor to equipment, they keep their eye on everything.

Look for a professional Builder

Ideally, you need to get at least 3 to 4 quotes to make the right choice. But to do that you need to contact many builders in your area. To ease out the process, here are some of the ways to find the local builder in your area:

  • Personal recommendation
  • Recommendation from a professional adviser
  • Looking for boards at other sites
  • Internet search
  • Industry trade bodies and guilds
  • Local advertising

Recommendation is Best

When you get recommendations, it will make it easier to choose a reliable builder. Most of the builders work hard to maintain the reputation of their firm and they ensure to keep their clients happy. You need to be careful of those builders who have just started and claim their work is best. When you ask your family members or people around you, it helps you come across a list of builders who can provide the best and quality work.

Approach builders in your area

In your area or nearby, is it possible some kind of construction work is going on? You should approach them and see their work. Look around the advertising sign or check their website address. This is also the one sign that the builder is promising and they are open to take more work.

What should I ask the builder?

Step 1 – In-depth Research

Even before you meet the builder, you should ask them about the following questions:

  • Address and contact details
  • Work they have done in the past
  • References from previous clients
  • Membership of any trade associations

Step 2 – One to one meeting

You need to check the following things:

  • Understanding of what work is there
  • Have completed similar projects in the past
  • Seem confident regarding the project
  • Easy to communicate with
  • Can get the project started on time

Step 3 – Ask for an estimate

Provide enough information to the builder to get the right quote. So you need to provide:

  • Plans and construction drawings;
  • Materials, finishes, fixtures, and fittings required
  • Contract copy
  • Details of how you want the quote set out, including any allowances for provisional sums and prime cost sums (items that are not selected).

Step 4 – Check references

Ask the builder’s previous clients:

  • What were they like to work with?
  • Was the project completed on time and budget? If not, What was the reason?
  • Did they undertake the work as per your needs?
  • Were any problems overcome?
  • Would they use them again?


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