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Get your Hose bib ready for next winter.

An outdoor water source is of significant usage when taking care of outdoor chores like gardening or cleaning. A hose bib is one such outdoor water spigot. Almost all the house owners in Havering have a hose bib at the rear side or the backyard of their houses. It is an external faucet, often installed for convenience, and brings ease to water usage outside the home. Most people take advantage of their backyard or any other exterior spaces, especially during warmer months.
Like any other plumbing issues, the hose bib has wear and tear added to it. In winter, the hose bib freezes, which creates a significant risk of water damage. Hence it is essential to thaw the hose bib to prevent water damage inside your house. Unfortunately, the house owner often does not realise a water leakage inside the home unless a flowing spring is noticed. Besides being an expensive affair, it can be a headache to try and solve plumbing issues.

What are the benefits of Hose Bibs?

  • It is helpful to water lawns and flower beds, gardens.
  • You can wash your cars outside; also, your pools can be refilled for entertainment.
  • Your Dog can have a good shower and be splashed with water without a second thought.

There are many other uses as per the requirement of the house and house owners in Havering. For example, the house’s plumbing system is directly connected to the hose bib; that’s from where they draw the water. Hence if there is any damage caused to the hose bib, interior, or exterior, it will, on the whole, cause water damage. This damage happens when the water in the hose bib freezes. The frozen water expands, causing the hose bib to burst and break.

The small fixture a water spigot outside the house is also known as outdoor tap, hose faucet, garden, or lawn service. In winter, the hose bib requires different maintenance than your indoor water access points. Since the water is frozen during winter, you may not feel the need to repair the faucet, but once the temperature warms up, the broken faucet will leak incessantly, causing much damage to the entire water supply.
Winterising your Hose Bib:

Water does not flow when the hose bib is frozen. Therefore, thawing the water outlet is the only solution to the problem. However, there are specific crucial steps that can curtail the freezing of the water in the faucet. Expert plumbers can help you install correct plumbing techniques to ensure that no damage is caused to the house’s water supply.

Some models have a downward angle to drain the water and extend farther into the house to prevent freezing. Sometimes it is essential to have a direct shut-off valve inside your home which connects the hose bib. The areas where you can find these valves are the basement or the utility room of your house. This kind of work requires expert guidance from plumbers who are well versed with plumbing hacks during climate changes. Disconnecting the water supply to the hose bib during winter can also serve as an effective hack.
If the pipes contact the outside temperature, they are likely to freeze and stop water flow causing many inconveniences. In this case, you can consider insulating the lines so that there is a continuous water flow. If you are a person who forgets to winterise your outdoor faucet, then you are usually suggested to use frost-free hose bibs to avoid damage when the pipe freezes. Although the frost-free and the traditional hose bib are relatively the same, they still have a slight difference in appearance. Vetted trades provide you with the best plumbing services required to winterise your hose bibs and avoid unexpected plumbing emergencies.
Replacing or fixing the Hose Bib:

Damage due to freezing or an old faucet requires replacement over a period of time. It is suggested that the entire hose bib be replaced instead of the parts that are damaged. An expert plumber will give you different ideas to deal with the water outlet’s replacement, maintenance, or repair.

We provide you with first-hand types of equipment while dealing with the replacement or repair of your hose bib, ensuring that we use appropriate pipes for the respective locations where the work needs to be carried out. For example, You can use a pipe wrench to remove the existing faucet or connected water outlet. These are some technical things that the plumber has to deal with while handling your hose bib. The experts provided to you by Vetted Trades cross the functioning of the installation by running the water through it. In addition, they have a thorough inspection of the work done by them, checking for leaks at all the joints and functional points before leaving the house.
Almost all the bibs are designed in a way that lasts many years. If you maintain the spigot as required, decades can pass by without having to replace it. With correct advice and timely inspection, you can avoid water damage to a large extent.
Don’t neglect your hose bib:

House Owners can sometimes disregard trivial jobs like repairing the outdoor water spigot. However, even the most minor plumbing jobs can lead you to severe problems if not treated correctly. Suppose you feel inexperienced to handle any such plumbing work, you may want a professional to address your plumbing issues, especially advising you hassle-free maintenance of the job done. We need to be prepared for any kind of repairs regarding pipes, indoors or outside the house.
If you are looking for answers concerning the hose bibs in Havering, you just need to log on to Vetted Trades and drop a query concerning the same. Our experts will be more than happy to help you handle your outdoor water spigot issues.