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Homeowners often find themselves overjoyed and anxious before buying a new house. After all, it is a long-term investment and must be dealt with care. In addition, it is a place where you will spend memories with your family. There are many criteria that a new homeowner must follow before investing in their dream project, like the house location, model, flooring, colour and so on. All this is taken care of by the builder and another tradesman when the house is newly built. However, the situation is different when choosing to buy an existing home from real estate agents or other homeowners.

Important things a plumber needs to inspect before buying a new house!

Agents will provide all the required information about the house and make sure the buyer is well aware of the house details. However, the agent might miss informing the homeowner about certain things. The buyer must pay careful attention to any flaws before spending their money on the property. One of the is that needs careful attention is the plumbing of the house. If you are in Newham and looking to buy a new home, then Vetted Trades is the best choice for you. But before you head to us, read below as we explain to you why every homeowner must inspect the house’s plumbing before investing in a new place.

Safety comes first
After you invest in your dream house, you don’t want to wake up to a leaking tap or a clogged toilet on the first day at your new home. The homeowner must hire a plumber and get the pipes, drains, tap, and other things related to plumbing in the house checked. Once he approves the plumbing to be safe and accurate, it is best to compete for the final buying formality. If the plumber feels the pipes are too old during this entire inspection or need any replacement, the homeowner can speak with the agent and find an alternative or solution to fix the problem.

Clogged sewer lines
Sewer lines or drainage pipes are the most crucial parts that carry all the waste matter and dispose of it into the main plant. Most of the time, these drainage pipes get clogged and required severe maintenance or repair. If the house you are buying is an old construction, then ensure it is carefully inspected by the plumber as these pipes can cost you a lot if they turn out to be damaged. Minor clogging problems can be solved in a day or two, depending on the number of men at work.

Check the water pipes and the content of the water. If the house was closed for many years, the water might not be fit for drinking purposes. You don’t want to be suffering from any water-borne diseases. The drinkable water you receive from the main water pipeline is mainly tested and approved by the official authorities. Still, when it enters the pipes in the house, it can get contaminated. So before you sign the deal for the new home, make sure you inspect the water pipes and get the water tested.

Check the water heater
When homeowners choose to buy old houses, they have to check the home appliances provided. Sometimes, the devices are old and need to be replaced. One of the appliances that need checking is the water heater. Hire the best plumber in the area before buying a house and get the plumbing checked. In most homes in the UK, water heaters are located in secluded or ‘out of the reach places, and it gets challenging to repair or replace them when there is a leak. These leaks if left unnoticed, could damage the flooring, carpets, walls, and much more. The damage could cost a lot of money compared to the repair work if tackled on time.

When you pay a visit to the virtual tour of the house you plan on buying, everything might seem perfect from the outside. However, things like toilets and sinks can be damaged if not inspected by a professional plumber. When you make an appointment to see the new house, it is advisable to take the plumber and you to check the house plumbing and point out any faults in the pipes. If you notice any leaks near the toilet area, then there is a possibility of a severe underlying defect that needs immediate attention. Let your plumber handle this situation for you.

When you first visit the house and find the shower caps dripping water drop by drop, then it is time to take the necessary steps to inspect the house plumbing system. Most of the time, these shower caps are loose or rusted and must be handled by a professional. Rusty pipes and shower caps must be removed and replaced with the choice of new homeowners. It is best to call the nearest plumber to do a detailed inspection of the plumbing area. It is best to find the fault when the damage is minor than to spend money replacing the entire pipeline of the house.

If at any moment you find any faulty pipes or leaky valves, then call Vetted Trades. We will help find the right plumber in Newham for you, making the home buying process less stressful. Let us know your requirement by posting them on the website, and we will send you the top three quotes from the registered tradesmen nearest to your location. Feel free to choose the one best suited for your job. Our team works around the clock to provide excellent service to the customers who believe in quality work. All these registered tradesmen are licensed and experienced in their respective fields and work closely with the local supplier for merchandise and supplies.

Newham has some of the finest talented plumbers working on projects and has given their expertise in building customers’ trust. So let the plumbing experience be less stressful. Call Vetted Trades and make the most of the quality services we have to offer.