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Plumber in Redbridge and Plumbers Jobs Redbridge, East London, Most houses in Redbridge look beautiful from the outside but suffer inevitable damage from bad plumbing, bad flooring, and more. We often ignore these damages, which later escalates to more significant problems that need repair or replacement. One of the issues many homeowners in Redbridge face in their homes is plumbing problems. Sometimes, these problems are easily noticeable, while some need expert help to find the correct spot that needs fixing. Experts advise fixing the issue before it gets any worse.

Find a water leak inside a wall!

If the house plumbing is done well, then the homeowners should not be worrying about it. But sometimes, the weather can be challenging and affect the plumbing of the house. For example, if it rained heavily, there are possibilities of rainwater seeping into the ceiling damaging the walls, or the winter was too cold to freeze the pipe valves and so on. Irrespective of the cause of damage, these issues should be handled immediately by experts.

Find everything you need to know in scenarios like these, from finding the leaks inside the house wall, what a homeowner should do, to ways to fix it.

What happens when water leaks inside a wall?
Heavy rain causes a lot of damage to the property, including the infrastructure. Most of the leaks happen when there are cracks in the foundation or a burst in the pipelines. Water leakage can cause short-term and long-term damage to the property. The long-term water leakage can cause structural damage to the property and can lead to irreparable damage. However, a plumber can fix the short-term leaks, and the cost to do so is minimum. Irrespective of the reason, the cracks need to be fixed at the earliest, or else they can bring down the entire house over time.

Health Hazard
When there is dampness in the walls due to water leaks, it develops fungal growth and moulds on the wall. It is not what you would love to live with. Moulds and fungal growths on the walls create foul odours and are considered very bad for the health. Additionally, it could lead to serious life-threatening disorders and can even lead to death in most severe cases if left untreated.

Drop in the value of the property
No one wants to live in a house that is leaking. The leakage inside the house can reduce the overall property value at the time of selling, and the homeowner will find himself in a fix to sell the property at a reasonable price. It is always best to fix the problem initially because delaying the fixing can leave lingering effects despite the repair. Taking care of the leaks is the key solution to the problem.

How to find out the water leaks

Look for wet puddles in a particular area.
Ever found yourself staring at a wet puddle at the same place every time. Well, that is a sign that there is water leakage around your house. The homeowners can also see these wet puddles on carpets, floors and even walls. However, not every wet pool is a sign of water leakage. If there is any concerning cause, then it is best to call the plumber in Redbridge. He will inspect the area and will advise the necessary measures to take.

Discolouration of walls
It is an effortless and prominent way of figuring out the leakage in the wall. If you have recently painted the walls in the house and suddenly find a wet patch or a blob on the wall, then it is an alarming sign that your home needs fixing. There will be certain parts of the walls soaked in water, creating a bubble-like texture. The wallpaper from the wall will peel off, or the walls will form a bubble at the point of leakage. These early signs will give you much time to call in expert help to fix the plumbing issues.

Sound of water droplets
The sound of water droplets is another sign of leaking pipes in the house. If such leaks are not attended to, water can accumulate and cause significant damage to the flooring, carpets and walls. Moreover, the constant dripping of water can increase your water bills, causing a lot of distress and hampering your financial planning. Apart from heavy water bills, water leaks inside the house can bring down the ceiling, risking people’s lives.

How to fix it
If you ask us how to fix these early signs of water leakage, we suggest the best way is to allow a professional plumber to step in and take control of the situation. Only he and his expert knowledge are better positioned to figure out the cause of leakage and how to repair or replace it. Plumbers can fix these issues most of the time by simply changing the water pipes or sealing the damaged area when dealt with early. However, as mentioned earlier, the damage is irreparable if you neglect the wet walls or floors.

Who to call
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