Your Project Requirements

A Guide To Plumbing Installation for Your Home

Plumbers in Wandsworth, Big projects like home renovations, building your dream house from scratch can be quite a bit of a task if not done the right way. They would also require a lot of creativity and understanding of basic home-building concepts that most of us tend to lack. With millions of minute details to consider, things can slip through the cracks. And the last thing you want to slip through the cracks of your home construction would be its plumbing.
It is always recommended that you place your supply lines, drain pipes, and plumbing vents in the right locations with the shortest distance possible.

Sometimes it can get a little difficult to know if you will have sufficient water pressure post-construction/renovation, which is why it is always a good idea to have a water pressure regulator installed at your home. The regulator will allow you to adjust water pressure levels to address any potential issues with low water pressure without having to re-plumb the lines over and over again.
With that being said, here are some great tips and ideas you will want to incorporate into your new plumbing installation for your dream home in Wandsworth:

Plan out your present and future plumbing needs.

People often tend to overlook their future needs which at times could be much more important than their current needs, for example, you will want plumbing, sewer, and drain lines installed in bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room. But there can be other future needs you may be overlooking. Incorporating these now when your plumbing system is easily accessible will save you time and money in the long run.

Decide on the plumbing lines for the bathrooms.

Keep in mind that it is best to evaluate each bathroom individually. While many of your plumbing system needs could normally be the same, for example- the plumbing for your bathroom sinks and toilets, and others can vary. And don’t forget to think about the number of showerheads you want for your bathroom!

Don’t forget to include shut-off valves in the right locations.

No one expects plumbing problems to pop up right after installation, but do keep in mind that plumbing problems can and do develop- the most common example being – water leaks. If you want a hassle-free system that will make fixing much easier, then you might want to consider getting shut-off valves for each connection.

Now in case, you’re wondering what shut-off valves do, it’s pretty simple; they allow you to shut the water off to the affected part of the system, and the best part is you wouldn’t even have to shut off the water mains.
Don’t forget to make sure you install the water main shut-off valve in an accessible location.

Outdoor plumbing.

People often tend to forget about the outdoors while designing a new plumbing system for their homes. The outdoor would certainly require plenty of outdoor plumbing faucet connections around your home. It is recommended to have at least one outdoor faucet connection installed on each side of your home.

Plumbing installation for the kitchen

The kitchen is mostly considered as the heart of people’s homes, which is why it is important that nothing goes wrong, especially when it comes to the kitchen. The kitchen sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator would require water and drain lines.
It will be more convenient if you place your dishwasher The placement of your dishwasher closer to your kitchen sink. This will also make the process of installation much easier

Don’t forget about the laundry room.

Make sure that your washer connections are in the right location. If your setup is that of a front-load washer and dryer setup, keep in mind to place the washer door swing which is normally to the left, and the dryer door swing to the right.

Water heater installation

Even though we’ve covered all the main areas you would require plumbing, there is one more you wouldn’t want to miss out on; – the water heater. For this, you can either go for a tank-based or tankless water heater installation. Because safety comes first, It is advisable to have a drain pan and drain line installed as a safety precaution.

No matter what you decide for your dream home’s plumbing system design, all you need to make sure is that all your plumbing needs are met. Because if you fail to do this, it can cost you a fortune when it comes to new plumbing lines and drain lines as the old ones will be no longer accessible.

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