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Role & types of Plumber – Commercial, Residential and Repair & Service

Role & types of Plumber – Commercial, Residential and Repair & Service

Who would you consider for calling when the tap of your washbasin is not working or there is an obstruction in the water pipeline? The obvious answer would be the Best local Plumber. But there are so many types of plumbers because all the plumbers do not specialize in all the plumbing activities. Plumber jobs and vacancies are filled based on their specialisation in a particular field. So the following piece of information is for those who are grown curious to know the types of plumbers:

What exactly is expected from a plumber?

Before heading to know about the types of plumbers, we should know who is a plumber? Whenever anything to do with water like the taps, toilets flush buttons or water tanks, kitchen water fittings etc has to be installed or fixed (repaired), then we seek the services of a plumber. Because none another handyman other than a plumber is dept in rendering services of this particular type.

In how many categories, the plumbers are being divided?

The plumbers are divided into the following categories:

  • Commercial Plumbers


  • The category of the plumbers which are proficient in rendering the services at a large scale like the Schools, colleges. Office buildings etc. they come to be known as commercial plumbers.
  • This type of plumber does not have any knowledge about how to do fittings in the residences.
  • The predominant difference which separates the commercial plumber from the residential plumber is the outlets along with the number of pipes he is incapacitated to finish up.
  • The number of things to clear up is more in the industrial buildings as compared to the residences. Because in the houses, not more than a single plumbing work like unclogging the sink of the kitchen or toilet comes into existence.
  • The predominant component of the commercial plumber’s services is maintenance. They are responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary items installed in the commercial buildings.
  • Residential Plumbers


  • They are no doubt the trained handymen but these do know to handle the plumbing activities on a short scale.
  • The installation and repairing of the pipes in the buildings require a special level of skill, but in the case of the residential plumbers, such expertise is not required.
  • They will only have to handle one or two storeys. Because beyond that, they do not have the expertise to carry out the combined-storey oriented plumbing work.

Service Plumbers


  • No doubt, these plumbers can carry out the installation work as well. But these do have special training and expertise in handling the service or repair requiring plumbing problems.
  • These are accountable for rendering services in both residential and commercial buildings.


If you need the services of any of the plumbing categories, then you can only get the best and economical services at Vetted trades. Each category of the plumber is quintessentially trained in their field of expertise and do have significant years of experience in the same.


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