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What are the roles and responsibilities of a general contractor and the builder?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a general contractor and the builder?

Whenever we want to make some constructive changes to our house, then we often find it difficult to determine whether we need one or multiple residential construction companies. The main reason for our confusion is that we do not know what are the roles and the responsibilities of different professionals.

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So in this blog post, we are going to make you understand the difference between the contractors, developers and the builders

General Contractor

  • He is the person who is responsible for the entire construction work. When we are taking a bigger picture of the construction into account, then it will always be the general contractor who will be found managing each aspect concerned to that.

  • He has roles and responsibilities which are surely difficult to render. He will be held accountable for anything that goes wrong since it is only he who is responsible for checking if the subordinates are performing their roles by being focused. Also, he is the one who creates the schedule for all the construction activities to take place.

  • He is the one who presents the budget for the entire construction. He must know how much a particular aspect is costing.

  • He is supposed to be a good interviewer also as he will need to hire subcontractors.

Builder and Developer


A builder is held accountable by the general contractor for every construction activity.

  • He can get involved in other job responsibilities

  • It is completely agreeable that there are some things like the following which does not come under the role and responsibilities sphere of the builder, but if he wants then can help to outsource these:

  • Electric Wiring

  • Plumbing

  • Heating

  • Water Sourcing


The working spheres of the builder and the developer are completely different. A builder can be held responsible for all the following:

  • Obtaining Permits

  • Installation of the Power Lines

  • Sewer System management

Is There Any Difference Between The Production Builders And The Custom Builders?

Production Builders

The production builders are responsible for constructing similar houses, particularly in the large volume.

Custom Builders

It is the custom builder only that sticks to the particular architectural designs. These houses are considered extremely special since they can never be duplicated.

How To Choose The Ideal Builder Perfect For Your Construction Needs?

It does not at all matter which of the following are you choosing, you need to always take the talent and the construction skills into the account:

  • Developer

  • Designer

  • Constructor

  • Outsourcer

Not only do the construction skills matter, but it is also the personalised and communication skills as well that matters a lot.

Final Comments!

Do not go for hiring any of the above-mentioned professionals without carrying out thorough research. You should talk to the former clients as well to ensure that the particular construction professional is worth hiring or not.


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