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The tools of a professional tiler – Cutters, blades, mixers, bits & lot more

The tools of a professional tiler – Cutters, blades, mixers, bits & lot more

As we all know, tiling work is carried out to bring about protection and a decorative look. It may seem the type of work which does not require any effort but it is not so because to become an expert in this field, it not only requires the years of experience but the necessary qualifications to become a ruler is also considered into account. As far as the decorative aspect is concerned, a best local tiler does have a very good sense of the ultimate looks and based on that they suggest whether the particular pattern and type of the tiles will look good or not. Because of the growing demand for a professional tiler, the vacancies regarding the local tiler jobs are proliferating.

We do admit the fact that along with the experience, proficiency and qualifications, the choice of the tolls also matters in this field. So in the ensuing information, the potential reader will get to know about some of the important tools associated with the local tiler jobs:


Not all the tiles can get fitted in the same structure as they are manufactured. In those cases, there is a need for a manual cutter that is easy to use. The manual cutters are usually so user-friendly that the user can not only carry out the work at the fastest speed but can also pursue the same merely with one hand.


DC-250 and DU-200 come under the category of electric cutters which are used when there is a need to make finer and precise cuts on the ceramic and porcelain tiles.


The choice of the diamond blade is based on the factor of whether the cutting is required to be carried out on the wet material or the dry material. Following kinds of thew diamond blades are used in the case of the ceramic and porcelain tiles:

  • CPC Diamond blade – (Porcelain tiles)
  • CEV Continuous rim diamond blades ( Ceramic tiles)
  • TVH Turbo Viper diamond material ( For cutting the harder materials)

The CEV diamond rim diamond is used more frequently because it facilities the cutting of both the floor and the diamond tiles.


As we know, each time when the refurbishment is being done or even the new house is being built, there is a need to carry out several holes in the tiles to make the necessary fittings like pipes etc. For this, the tilers must have the right tools which come in the form of diamond drill bits.


The need for the electric mixer cannot be denied while carrying out the tiling project because almost all the times the tiling project is being carried out, there is a need to mix several elements like cement, paints and adhesives. To do so by manual force is not at all suggested. For this, the professional’s tilers make use of the electric mixers.

Final Thoughts

Rubber bucket is a majorly overlooked factor. Most of the tilers make use of the steel bucket which consumes a lot of time to get cleaned, but using a rubber bucket not only causes you to spend less time on clean but it also helps you with the reusability for a quintessentially long period.


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