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Tiles play a major role in setting the look and feel of your home. They create the desired ambience for your space. However, suitable the right tiles for your home or workspace is not an easy job. Vetted Trades is ready to help you. Place your confidence in us, and we will find you the best tilers in Havering. These experts are always delighted to help you choose appropriate tiles, as per your requirements. The types of tiles could differ as per the atmosphere in and around the space- whether the installation has to be done on a high moisture area, whether you own pets and need durable flooring, or if your primary concern is maintenance. After careful analysis of your needs, our specialists will suggest and quote the best price for the project. You can compare competitive quotes and decide for which tiler you want to settle.

Significant speed up the tiling process

The following qualities characterise a dedicated tiler.

  • He is someone who enjoys practical and manual activities. Experienced tilers are the ones who have mastered the job. Excellent and expert tilers are those who aren’t lazy but always enthusiastic about your tiling project.
  • Tilers are not afraid of heights. They are skilled enough to work on any surface, even on heights.
  • They possess excellent hand-eye coordination.
  • Tilers are good at making quick calculations. They can give you an approximate quote based on your requirements and knowledge of the materials required to fulfil the project’s needs.
  • They can work independently. A tiler does not require a team of workers. He’s able to do all the tiling by himself. Tiling is a step by step process, and one cannot be in a hurry to finish the task.
  • A good tiler is neat and tidy. He does his work efficiently and finishes it with a neat touch. But, on the other hand, an expert is never messy in his job.

Vetted Trades has a list of such expert tilers. All you’ve got to do is type in your requirements and wait patiently to receive competitive quotes from tiling specialists. Then choose a tiler who you think would do the job perfectly for you.

Here are some responsibilities or duties that tilers must adhere to while working on your project:

Inspect and Interpret plans: A tiler must carefully listen to the client’s requirements and interpret them to give suggestions and advice related to the materials to be used, total duration of the project, pros and cons of using specific tiles etc.

Layout work while measuring and marking surfaces- A tiler must measure every bit precisely and generate a good list of materials to be bought before starting. While doing the job, he must not fall short of supplies. Therefore, it is critical to measure and mark surfaces accurately.
He prepares work areas on floors and walls by removing old tiles, adhesive and grout. Further, gaps, cracks, and holes are filled. It ensures that the surfaces are clean and neat before proceeding with any further work.

Before positioning the tiles, the tiler will apply adhesive to the tiles and surfaces.
Based on measurements, the tiler will make cuts in the tiles to fit the edges and corners perfectly. Now, using a grinder to cut will give a ragged edge to the tiles. However, with the expertise of the tiler combined with tile-cutting tools and techniques, the tiler will be able to provide a smooth and accurate finish to the tiles.
The tiler must ensure that all the tiles are spaced and aligned correctly, giving it a structured and organised look.

The tiler will grout the tiles, and when the job is done, he will clean up the surface of excess grout immediately. The trick here is to clean up on the go!
An essential part of the job is to ensure that the tiles are made waterproof using specialised products. That way, the client can avoid slippery accidents in his/her space.

Tiling is often considered a DIY project. However, it might cost you extra time and effort when you’re a newbie to this project. To speed up the process, here are a few pointers to note:

Size of the tiles: The bigger, the better. Big sized tiles are faster to install. Always measure the tiles concerning your floor. If you find tiles that fit perfectly, you will not need to cut and size the tiles by yourself.
Tile orientation: While the diagonal tiling is trendy and looks very attractive, it will ultimately slow your process down. Bearing things like this in mind will help you speed up the tiling of your floor.
Ensure that your surface is even. Uneven surfaces with gaps and cracks can make it challenging to install tiles before you start tiling, even out the floor. You may need to add a layer of backer-board to level out your base and cover protrusions of any nails or raised seams.
Even after you finish, don’t be in a hurry to step on it. Leave it for at least 24 hours before walking on it or using it for any other purpose. Add this waiting period to your tile installation estimate.
Grouting: This can be time-consuming. You must add grouting between the tiles to hold them in place. If your tiles are small or have an unusual shape, grouting can mainly take up spare time. After grouting, the excess needs to be cleaned out. You can use soapy water to wash off the lot. The best thing you can do is clean your grout.
Practice and skill will speed up the process of tiling. If you’re short on time and you do not have the required skill set to do the job, it can be in your best interest to hire a professional tiler who is well-trained and experienced in floor installation.