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Tilers in Merton UK and Professional Tiling Jobs Merton, South West London, Covering up the floor and wall with tiles is quite a job. Whether it is done the first time or whether you intend to replace the old ones, the tilling job must be done to perfection. One slight mistake might cost you to begin the work all over again. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of tiling? Yes, of course, the first thing is to choose the kind of tiles you want to use. The other essential thing to consider is the design that would suit your floor or walls. Besides this, you may also want to consider the size of the tile before you start installing them. Finally, the quality of tiles used also matters since they may damage or break easily at installation.

Tile Installation – A complete Guide.

Tiles are available in a variety of colours, designs, sizes, and quality. It makes the tiling work more flexible for any tiler or interior designer and enables them to give you a wide range of possibilities. A tiler or mason you hire for the tiling work carefully prepares the surface for the task and clears everything before he starts the installation. His imagination and professionalism play an essential role while he executes your expectation and delivers a commendable job entrusted to him. Furthermore, he sensitively follows all the rules and ensures avoiding the slightest mistakes that could further cause inconvenience to the house owners.

Here are some things that the tiler considers while installing tiles to perfection:

The surface of Installation: The surface where the tiling is done must be perfectly ready before installing the tiles. Any unevenness or residue might cause weak bonding. The tiler also ensures that the tiling surface is appropriately dried. A check has to be done regarding the levelling or stability of the surface to avoid shrinking, expansion or wrapping that may cause any kind of damage after the installation of tiles. Anything that remains on the surface of the floor may reduce the adherence of the adhesive. Hence a tiler ensures thorough cleaning of the surface before tile installation.
Bonding Material: Bonding of tiles is crucial, and the selection of a perfect adhesive essential since it lays the foundation of tiling. Tile adhesive is materials used for fixing tiles. These materials are primarily based on cement, polymer or epoxy. Various materials are either mixed or ready to use mixtures are now available for immediate use. These mixtures usually prevent water from seeping under the tiles. The Tiler would be a better person to consult while choosing the kind of mixtures for bonding.
Tile Installation: The tiler ensures that the final result is perfect and durable. Now that surface is prepared and the mixture for fixing tiles is ready, the tiles can now be laid according to the design. While installing the tiles, the expert will first chalk out and plan how the tiling needs to be done. Most probably, he may choose the centre of the wall or floor to start the work. The tiler also recommends that tiles should be submerged in water before installation. Sometimes, a double-bonding method is used so that the back of the tile is also covered with the fixing material. Every aspect of tile installation is carefully considered to avoid any disaster. Tiles are typically installed using a thin layer technique. While fixing the tiles, the tiler avoids narrow strips of tiles and cuts fewer pieces. All the tools and installing materials are well organised so that the tiler may work comfortably.
Grouting Materials: This process includes filling up spaces between the tiles after the tiles are set respectively. Very often, the grouting materials are pre-mixed. Tile grout offers various benefits. The floor and wall get a finished appearance, and it adds strength to tile installation. The tiler may measure the space in between the tiles to select the right kind of grout. Grouts may vary in colour so that it complements the colour of your tile. While filling up the spaces, it is recommended that you use waterproof grouting materials.
Cutting and Drilling: Various tools are used to cut and drill during tile installation. The tiler may usually use a manual cutter for most of the cuts required to make the correct size that fits in appropriately. The cutting and drilling of tiles are done where it is less visible so that it doesn’t disrupt the look of your house. Drilling for drains or water pipes is done with the help of electric drills. Hence, you need the right equipment and a professional who works with efficiency in cutting and drilling tiles.
Cleaning and maintenance: Since there are various tiles, there are specific products to clean them. The effects of cleaning agents need to be tested before using them since they contain acid concentration. Daily maintenance of tiles is essential. Usually, the household products are enough to clean stains and dust. The tiler cleans the tiles for you after he has completed the installation of tiles. He may also give excellent tips for future maintenance of tiles to avoid any damage to them.
After tile installation, a white colour haze is covered on the tile’s surface, which may be the grout residue. The tiler ensures that he cleans the grout residue and polishes the tiles before he winds up the installation process. Regular maintenance of tiles is also essential to keep the beauty of the tile intact.
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