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Tilers in Redbridge | Professional Tilers Jobs Redbridge, East London, Tiles are pieces of hard-wearing materials usually used to cover the roof, floor, or walls. When you happen to visit a tile store, you are likely to find a variety of tiles. Tile art has been handed over and followed for many centuries. You will hardly find any home without tiles. Right from Kitchen to bathroom or sitting area to Bedroom, tiles are seen everywhere. The essential benefits that tiles have to offer are variety, durability, affordability, and easy to maintain. The tiling industry has attained a prominent place in the world of construction. Depending on the quality, pattern, and type, you can regulate your budget and find unique tile art that suits your home. Although tiles have their advantages, there can also be certain disadvantages added. Tiles can be fragile, easily dirtied, and slippery, and so on.

Types of tiles and their advantages

Tiles play an essential part while in the interior design of a house. Though difficult to choose from the different variety and styles available, tiles help create the desired ambience. Let’s look at the different types of tiles and what they have to offer.

Ceramic Tiles: These are the most commonly and popularly used type of tiles. They are easy to install, clean, highly durable in nature and are also low-cost tiles. Ceramic tiles can be an excellent choice for walls, backsplashes, showers and more. Since they are made from clay, sand and glass, these tiles are also environmentally friendly. In case of cracking, ceramic tiles are easily replaceable.

Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are considered a type of ceramic tile and are more robust, harder and more water-resistant. Porcelain tiles are hard-wearing enough for commercial application. These tiles are a bit more expensive than the standard ceramic tiles. With various designs, colors and styles that add versatility while you design a place, the installation of these tiles can be slightly difficult. These tiles are used for both internal and external purposes.

Marble Tiles: As compared to any other tile, marble tiles are more beautiful. Since marble is a highly durable material, the tile made out of marble last longer, marble tiles are hard-wearing and resistant to shattering; hence they are less prone to cracking if a heavy object is dropped on them. Marble tiles come in various designs and colors and are affordable too. These are enough reasons for any house owner to consider using marble tiles.

Limestone Tiles: These tiles give a distinct look to the house and are expensive. It gives you the look of limestone, and hence it is popularly in use. Since limestone is rigid and does not get damaged easily, it lasts longer than any synthetic tiles. Limestone tiles add value to your home and give your home a sophisticated elegance. These tiles are cost-effective and easy to maintain. With various options and styles available, you can choose the desired look for your hallway, bathroom or courtyard.

Mosaic Tiles: Designing your house with mosaic tiles feels like playing with various colours. These tiles require careful and proper installation since they are simple tiles with tricky patterns. On the other hand, these tiles have elegant designs, are easy to clean, and are durable. Mosaic tiles are usually opted for wall applications. These tiles are available in all sizes as per the requirement of the house owner. However, mosaic tile can also be a costly affair, and maintenance of these can be difficult. You may not have to use any advanced methods to ensure the durability of mosaic tiles.

Cement Tiles: One of the most significant advantages of cement or concrete tiles is that they outlive us. Sealed concrete tiles are easy to maintain. From a design point of view, cement tiles fit appropriately and match any style of your house. Since cement tiles are made of natural materials and include natural elements, they are eco-friendly. Cement tiles are affordable, versatile, and a long-lasting alternative.

Natural Stone Tiles: For decades, people have been using natural stone tiles as part of their interior design. These tiles are generally used as floor tiling, especially on the external side of the house. Natural stone tiles retain the classic charm and hold it intact. These tiles provide elegance and beauty to your home. These tiles are natural and non-polluting, and buying these locally will reduce the environmental impact on them. Most tilers have their unique way of working with natural stone tiles.

Terracotta Tiles: These types of tiles look stunning in every room and are great for flooring. Since they can withstand a lot of wear and tear, they last long. They give your floor a rustic look. Terracotta tiles are resistant to fungus, mold, and bacteria, making them the right option in damp and moist places.
Tile installing and designing is an art that distinguishes every tiler who works uniquely to deliver exceptional elegance to every house owner. Vetted Trades assists you in finding a unique local tiling professional. In addition, there are various other types of tiles available, like landscape tiles, encaustic tiles, etc. Each of these tiles is durable, cost-effective, and adds beauty to your home. You are likely to find many houses in Redbridge that have used different types of tiling designs. Whether you do it for the first time or intend to renovate your tiles, you may want to hire an experienced professional that will correctly handle all your tiling queries.

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