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What are the 7 topmost and interesting construction facts you should know?

What are the 7 topmost and interesting construction facts you should know?

With time, the construction industry has evolved a lot. As the demand of society is increasing, people look for the best local builder to get everything done on time. As not everyone can fulfill the demand for builder jobs, so make sure that you choose the best one. Some of the construction facts which you need to know are mentioned in this blog.

Tallest Structure in the world: Great Pyramid of Giza

Well! This goes to 3800 years back. The construction of this building is made from 2,300,000 limestones. According to that the total cost of the pyramid would be $1.2 billion. It is 455 feet tall and it has remained the tallest building from 2560 BC to 1311 AD. Currently, this place has been given to Burj Khalifa

Concrete is the most preferred building material

Concrete has been in use for a long time and many of the famous structures are built with it like Roman Pantheon. If we talk about Ancient times, there was a special type of concrete that contained the line, volcanic ash, and seawater.

Steam engine change the transportation of construction

During the Industrial Revolution, the world has modernized a lot. This allowed the construction material to be transported from one place to another and mostly there was the use of the steam engine. Although diesel was not the preferred choice as it was not that reliable and speed and maintenance took most of the time. The most preferred option is the one team locomotive operating.

The average age of construction worker is 42 years old

The average age for the construction worker is 42 years old. For more information, you can talk to our team.

Shortage of construction worker

No doubt, this industry is growing at a fast pace, but there is a shortage of construction workers. Back in 2008, the demand increased but there is a need to fulfill the demand. There are various reasons for this happening and mostly the issue of misconceptions & benefits are the reason for this problem.

Increased demand for women in the construction industry

During world war second, women started becoming a part of the construction jobs. From 1940 to 1945, it saw an increase in the female labor force by 50%. After the end of world war 2, the increase was seen by 85%. Well! This is clear proof that the women’s labor force is increasing with time.

The current demand for steel is 1712.1 million

The steel demand has revolutionized the construction industry. Every year, these numbers are increasing.

Look for the experienced builder

If you are planning to start a new build, then make sure that you look for an experienced and skilled builder. Ensure that the one you choose is best and for that, you should research. If you are already looking for one, then you should go through our website to find a trained and skilled builder. For more information, go through our website and get all the necessary information.


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