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What are the steps you should consider before you get the building work?

What are the steps you should consider before you get the building work?

The below-mentioned steps will help you plan everything with ease and most importantly it will save your time. Just make sure that you look for the best local builder to get going in the right direction and avoid any unwanted situation.

Step 1: Check whether you need approval or permission
First of all, you need to check whether there is a need to get approval or permission before you plan to make any changes. Sometimes, even small improvements will need building regulations and you need to submit the full plan of action to get started with everything.

What if the area is conservative?
In case the area is conservative then you need to check with the local council before starting the work.

What if you don’t get permission?
When you try to avoid the need to get permission or approval, you need to pay the fine or you need to pay to put things in the right manner. In some cases, you might have to remove the extension.

Step 2: How to find a reliable builder?
To find the best builder you need to make recommendations and references. As not everyone can do the builder jobs, so make sure you research and then choose someone reliable.
While looking for someone you should consider the past work they have done and get their contact details to get in touch with them & whether they are genuinely giving the same service.

What if the builder does not give references?
When you ask for the references and the builder does not provide you with the same, then it is a sign they are not honest with their work.

What you should ask for?
• You should ask for their business card or get all the necessary information
• Check their proof of qualification
• Go through the search trade association website
Before you meet the contractor, it would be better that you note down everything which you need to ask, so that you can compare and understand whether there will be any problem or not.

Step 3: Ask for quotes
Quotes will be the way to ask what price you need to pay. But make sure that you always get the quote in writing. Make sure that you get the quote from 3 different builders and compare. This way you can choose the best one.

Quotes and estimates
You need a quote and not an estimation. Through this, you will know what you are getting and how much you need to pay. When you get the estimation, it is just a rough figure and you need to pay more in the future.

What should a quote include?
A quote should include:
• Fixed total price – not a daily rate
• A breakdown of all the work to be done and the materials needed
• Each material and part of the work cost
• How long is the price valid for?
• Is VAT included?
• When can the price increase?

Step 4: Check if there is insurance in place
You should ask the contractor about the insurance policy and do not run it before the work is finished. Insurance is a good option and you should ask the contractor about the same.
In case, they don’t provide you with the same then if something goes wrong, you need to pay for the things like the damage and legal fees.


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