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What are various kinds of drawings that builders made use of while designing the layout of the site?

What are various kinds of drawings that builders made use of while designing the layout of the site?

As we know, before the execution of any plan, building up of the construction plan is of utmost importance. This is the reason that the work of builders in London is considered as the most finished and perfectly executed work. They make use of well-planned techniques. For that, before anything else, they believe in preparing the rough layout of the or architectural drawing of the site. That will help them to define every segment and the distance of one segment to another. Subsequent are the variegated kinds of drawings types used in the architectural work.

  • Working Drawing Plans

 These are the drawings that are very important when it comes to the management of flooring space, setting up the furniture layout, ceiling plans. Determination of the number of windows and the types of windows used will be decided accordingly. This gives the builder precise information about the size, distance and helps him to envision the interior of the construction site.

  • Elevations

 Elevations are related to the definition of the external view of the building. It assists the builder to exhibit the outer view. Outer view of the house, building, or shop plays an important role. Now-a- days people choose different, personalized, and vibrant outer views. It is also related to laying out the structure of the garden in the backyard or the front of the house.

  • Sections

 Sections usually define the cross-section genus of elements. It can incorporate the walls, staircase, opening of doors and windows. It helps the builder to choose which set or sort of staircase design would fit in depending upon the layout of various structures of the house. Sometimes, it happens that the client is demanding the spiral staircase but owing to some conditions, it would not be possible to execute so. But this detection of possibility can not be done only by guessing. It can be done by laying out the proper mapping work.

  • Setting out Plans

 This genus of drawing assists the builder with the minute details of various sections and segments. It usually defines the centimeter kind of details as well. It prevents the builder from executing the wrong structure.

  • Electrical Plans

 This kind of drawing is usually associated with the electrical fittings. It tells the builder where the tube light should be fitted and what is the accurate location for the fan and the cooler installation.

  • Plumbing and Sanitation Plans

 This helps the builder to find out where the fitting of taps for the washbasin for the kitchen should be done. It aims at clarifying the builder the right location depending upon the water supply pipes. The builder takes into account all the things when doing the installation of the water discharge equipment like a shower, taps, and drainage system.

  • Structural Drawings

 Structural drawings are related to laying out the overall structure of the construction site.


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