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What does a carpenter do? How to become a self-employed and able carpenter?

What does a carpenter do? How to become a self-employed and able carpenter?


Search for the best local carpenter is one of those things which needs proper time and research. It is true, the carpenter jobs take effort to get everything done with precision. Be it, the construction site or building, you need bespoke results and through the able carpenter, it is possible. In case, you want to become a self-employed carpenter then this blog is the right place to get insight into it.

What does a carpenter do?

Many carpenters provide their services to clients or construction companies. If you are doing the work for bespoke pieces, you get the work done from your workshop. As per the carpentry nature, you might be doing the work which includes:

  • Timber shaping and cutting
  • Build and design items like doors & floorboards
  • Make and fit kitchen & assembling structures like staircases
  • Building the interiors are needed for office, shops, restaurants, and another place

The carpenter skills are something that makes it easier to get things done correctly. Moreover, they even use the skills from different trades like roofing, tiling, bricklaying, and plumbing.

How much carpenter earns in the UK?

Carpenters’ pay will depend on their skills and experience. As a beginner, you can expect to earn £18,000 per year and with experience, the pay will increase.

On the other hand, if you are a self-employed carpenter, you can set your rates. Depending on the work you do you can set the rates. Also, for the project you do, for that, the hourly rate can be set. Time, labor, and other necessary factors are taken into account.

What are the steps to become self-employed carpenters?

1. Skills and qualifications to become self-employed carpenters

Well! There is no such specific route to get going on this track. To do so, you must have some carpentry skills. On the other hand, you can choose the apprenticeships and on-site experience & training. If you want to become a carpenter on the building site, then make sure you have a CSCS card.

2. What equipment do self-employed carpenters require?

In this case, you need to have your tools and this depends on the type of work that needs to be done. Some of the basics which you need are:

  • Circular power saw
  • Hand saws
  • Chisels and rasps
  • Claw hammers
  • Various screwdrivers
  • Squares and levels
  • Tools for marking, for example, chalk line

3. Get the legal side sorted

For self-employed people, legal tasks need to be done and this goes for the carpenter also. To get going you need to get registered as self-employed with HMRC

4. Get insured

Even a self-employed carpenter needs to be insured before they can provide their services to customers. This means, if something goes wrong, it can protect you. Mistakes are bound to happen and with an insured carpenter, the customers feel safe.

Wrap up!

Lastly, you need to find clients too whom you can provide the services. Make sure your website has all the necessary information or make your services online to tell the world you provide the best carpentry services. Once, you can have a loyal customer base, you should expand your business.


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