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What is the difference between the gas fireplace and the wood-burning fireplace?

What is the difference between the gas fireplace and the wood-burning fireplace?

Home builders: Earlier the homeowners used to get baffled whether they should install the fireplace at their place or not. But now the question arises, whether you should choose the wood-burning fireplace or gas fireplace. Even some people are opting for getting the combination of the both.

Do you know?

According to a recent survey, it has been found out that single-family homeowners usually do not opt for the incorporation of fireplaces.

Thus the installation of the fireplace is turning out to be a decreasing trend.


Gas fireplace: Wood Burning Fireplace:
Easy of operation If the ease of the operation is concerned, then it is the gas fireplaces that win over the wood-burning fireplace as no heavy preparation is to be made for the installation.


A lot of arrangement has to be done like:

●       Blockages are to be eliminated timely and at short intervals.

●       The damper and flue must be opened & primed

●       The proper strategy has to be designed for the collection and the placement of the fireplace.


Cleaning and the maintenance We are not partial but the gas fireplace also wins here since menial maintenance is required.


These require huge cleaning and maintenance. Even after each use, you need to clean the ashes and arrange the woods all over again so that the aesthetics are not getting compromised.



We have even administered the cases, in which the people opt up for the installation of the wood-burning fireplace, but they use it quite occasionally because of the fear of the cleaning.


Appearance These are also aesthetically pleasing. But they cannot beat the wood burning fireplace See we are not partial! Here the battle is being won by the Wood Burning Fireplace. The royal. Sophisticated and the sensory feeling which comes with the wood-burning fireplace is unbeatable in comparison with the gas fireplace.


Cost As we all know that because of the difficult and complex construction, the cost incurred to build the wood-burning fireplace is more as compared to the gas fireplace. It may cost you quintessentially expensive as several hundred dollars are being spent for purchasing a single cord of the wood.


The installation may not be expensive as far as the cost is concerned, but the usage of this kind of fireplace may come out to be costly since natural gas is also very expensive.



EFficiency Gas fireplaces help to attain the maximum efficiency from the gas as compared to the traditional wood-burning fireplaces which only heat the palace for a few hours. These are not as efficient as the gas fireplaces.



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